GP ADHD Training

Our research sought to understand why GPs so often struggle to recognise ADHD, and how this might be solved. The findings highlighted an overall lack of knowledge, training, resources and services to support GPs in their practice.

We set out to solve this by developing a short online training programme based on what GPs told us they needed, and this has now been completed by over 2000 doctors and healthcare practitioners. We hope that the training will lead to more early diagnoses, better access to care and improved outcomes.

Follow the link to find out more about the project and access our RCGP-accredited and free online ADHD training for GPs.

Accredited by the Royal College of General Practitioners

Visit the project website for ADHD learning resources.


‘Recount’ is an ongoing research project led by Dr Blandine French. The aim is to identify the individual, economic and social costs of leaving the two most common neurodevelopmental disorders – autism (ASD) and attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) – undiagnosed (and therefore untreated and unsupported) in the UK.

Our aim is to give policy makers and healthcare providers evidence to justify funding appropriate services to improve access to diagnosis and subsequent support.

This will improve quality of life for affected groups, reduce long-term risks and impacts and also reduce the cost to individuals, the community and the economy.

Nottingham Neurodiversity Network (NNN)

Through this project, we’re seeking to improve access to neurodiversity care by establishing a network of experts in healthcare, commissioning, service design/delivery, research and lived experience. They are addressing challenges, sharing best practice and finding potential solutions to designing effective care pathways for neurodevelopmental conditions.

Through events, workshops and regular network updates, this work aims to change the shape of services for people living with neurodevelopmental conditions across Nottingham and Nottinghamshire.

Other projects

Alongside Dr French’s main research, she is also working and collaborating on other projects such as ADHD in schools and primary care, GP training for Tourette’s syndrome, parenting training, and the impact of hormones on ADHD in women.